Stage for hire

Joveni Promotions, is situated around malamulele, we offer indoors  outdoors  stage and  sound systems with a reasonable  prices

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call LAKIS 079 557 6786


we give our services all around LIMPOPO


Dech Printers

Hlekani Complex Office No5.We print building plan drawing, all size We take care of printing your picture to the good quality with a less price.

House Plan

TNN Consultants. We have the best architect to design a wonderful house for you and your family just give us a call. we design the best.Hlekani Complex Office No 5

Business Registration

We have good business consultant to take care of your business. you can also print your free B-BBEE and Business Profile Template online.

Dech Printers

We take care of printing. everything that you wish to print, let us know


we do not draw the houses but we design the best from your best idea. we have the skill the to take your mind to the drawings



We have the heart to give young people a platform to improve their skill in all areas.


We offer IQ Solutions, We are one of many blessed company around you, we have the power to connect ,the power of prosperity because God gave us this power in abundance and the key to open all closed doors .


we have the best consultants, happily and ready to assist you or giving a solution because we care for you and your problem is our problem. just have faith and your problem will be taken care off .


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